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Born without arms as the result of a severe birth defect, Jessica Cox never allowed herself to believe that she couldn’t accomplish her dreams. An accomplished martial artist, college graduate and motivational speaker, Jessica is also the world’s only armless airplane pilot, a mentor, and an advocate for the disabled. Directed by Emmy Award winning filmmaker Nick Spark, Right Footed chronicles Jessica’s amazing story of overcoming adversity and follows her over a period of two years as she becomes a mentor for children with disabilities and their families, and a disability rights advocate working in the U.S.A. and abroad.

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We're mixing sound today! Sonic impresario Adam King is taking us on another important journey -- blending our score with sound effects, ambiance and voice tracks in Dolby 5.1. Sounds great so far (4 photos) ... See MoreSee Less

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Giving credit where credit is due ... Making a film is of course an enormous amount of work but you don't ever really understand how many man (and woman) hours it took to make one until you produce an end credit roll. Just to put together various drafts and edit it took quite a bit of time — mainly because we value everyone who helped us and don't want to leave out anyone who deserves to be there! Special thanks to this person, special thanks to this group. Who was the person who helped us get special access to the U.S. Senate for disability rights hearings? Who made that last second financial gift that allowed us to travel to the Philippines? Who did Jessica's hair at her wedding? These are all the kinds of things you try to remember when making end credits ... At some point yes it does become sheer drudgery and I found myself this past week as we finalized, considering adding some of those "joke" credits you sometimes see in Monty Python films. It didn't take long to talk myself out of it, but just the thought of one of these kind of credits was enough to make me crack a smile and really focus on the remaining tasks. The credit I was thinking of? Special effects -- by Jessica Cox of course! ... See MoreSee Less

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