A Special Screening in Washington, D.C.


H.I. provided free popcorn to guests!


Handicap International’s Jeff Meer with Jessica and Nick during the Q&A.

Last week Right Footed was screened at a private event hosted by Handicap International USA, the organization for which Jessica Cox serves as Goodwill Ambassador. The screening was at the E Street Cinemas in downtown Washington, D.C., and Jessica Cox, Patrick Chamberlain and director Nick Spark were in attendance along with many supporters, donors, and special guests. Joining Nick, Jessica and Pat on stage for the Q&A was Handicap International USA’s director Jeff Meer. Members of the State Department staff, and representatives of the Philippine Embassy staff as well as the U.S. International Council on Disability were also in attendance.

Nick Spark poses with sound recordist Hilary Stewart and Alex Von Streeruwitz.

Nick Spark poses with sound recordist Hilary Stewart and Alex Von Streeruwitz.

The evening had many highlights, but one was when President Obama’s special representative for disability issues, disability rights activist Judith Heumann spoke, praising Jessica for her work in the disability rights arena. Heumann also had high praise for Right Footed, saying that the film represented an enormous achievement and had the potential to change attitudes about disability in the USA and abroad.  Needless to say, we felt honored by her words.


Jessica shares a celebratory foot bump with attendee Malini Goel.


Jessica poses with President Obama’s Special Advisor for International Disability Rights Judith Heumann and members of her staff. (The teapot requires an explanation; ask us next time you see us!) Photo by Molly Feltner.

We’re grateful to the Handicap International USA staff, especially Communications Director Mica Bevington, who put the event together and more than that, has been an unabashed enthusiast about the film since day one of production. The screening also presented a nice opportunity to thank Molly Feltner, who worked closely with us all during Jessica’s H.I.-sponsored trips to Ethiopia and the Philippines. Without the help of these two, former H.I. director Beth McNairn and the rest of the H.I. staff, our film would have been very different.