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“Right Footed” Headed to Kansas International Film Festival

We’re excited to announce that Right Footed will be screening at the Kansas International Film Festival in November of this year (exact date TBD, stay tuned).   This one-of-a-kind festival is a movie purist’s delight, focusing on documentary, narrative, and animated independent films and was ranked in the top 25 by Movie Maker Magazine.  Visit […]

“Right Footed” Premieres — at the Vatican

We just learned that “Right Footed” will be making its international debut — in the Vatican City, Rome! Our film was selected as one of three documentary finalists in the Mirabile Dictu (“Wonderful to Relate”) Film Festival. Known as the “Catholic Oscars”, this festival typically receives more than 1,600 entries from 120 countries, so we […]

“Right Footed” gets a score, a mix, and a poster

After almost a year of work in the editing room  — a task interrupted to film Jessica’s trip to the Philippines after Typhoon Haiyan — we finally “locked picture” on Right Footed in November.  The final result is a testament to editor Susan Metzger’s careful, diligent work and a product of a lot of input […]

RIGHTFOOTED Receives the 2014 CAAM Grant !

We’re proud to announce that RIGHTFOOTED is one of seven films to receive a CAAM 2014 Documentary Fund Award. This prestigious grant is made by the Center for Asian American Media (CAAM). A supporter of independent filmmaking in Asian American communities for nearly 35 years, CAAM selected projects to receive production or acquisition funding totaling […]

“Work in Progress” Screening in S.F. Bay Area

On July 20, director/producer Nick Spark and producer Mona Lisa Yuchengco will be hosting a “work in progress” screening in Menlo Park, California. This is an exciting opportunity for us to share our “rough cut” with an audience of friends and supporters, and get some insight into how the film is working. If you live […]

Jessica Cox’s Mentor

Many of us know what it felt like to be an outsider in school, whether it was because of our race, personal beliefs, sexual orientation, or something else entirely. For Jessica Cox, growing up different in the 80s and 90s — before the Internet existed — was particularly difficult because she had no role models […]

RIGHTFOOTED accepted as part of DocuLab

RIGHTFOOTED was among a select few projects selected for Film Independent’s prestigious Documentary Lab. DocuLab is designed to help during the post-production phase on a film. Several past participants who have gone on to complete excellent work spoke during the sessions, among them Andrew Droz Palermo & Tracy Droz Tragos, whose “Rich Hill” won the […]

How One Good Deed Led to Another

A few days ago we were up in San Francisco interviewing an extraordinary guy named Glen Davis. Glen, who is a photographer by trade, learned to pilot an airplane when he was 18. In 2006, he literally took Jessica under his wing and began teaching her to fly. It was an act of faith, and […]


“HOOKED” ON MAKING A DIFFERENCE Those of you who have seen Jessica in action may know that she carries a metal hook on a suction cup with her, wherever she goes. This simple tool was given to Jess many years ago by the Shriner’s Hospital, and it changed her life. Using her foot, she can […]

Mrs. Cox Goes to Washington

In December 2012, Jessica Cox was just beginning to work with Handicap International and plan her trip to Ethiopia. At that time most of the H.I. staff was working hard, lobbying for an important treaty that was making its way through the U.S. Senate. The United Nations Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities […]

Jessica’s Trip to Ethiopia A Resounding Success

It’s been a couple of weeks since we returned from Ethiopia and I’m just about over the effects of the jet lag. What will stay with me for the rest of my life is the feeling of accomplishment all of us — Jessica Cox, her husband Patrick, our hosts Handicap International, and my documentary team […]

Indiegogo Campaign Launches Jessica’s Ethiopian Journey

For the past month we’ve been working extremely hard on a Indiegogo campaign to fund Jessica’s trip to Ethiopia, and the documenting of that trip by our team. Thanks to over 450 individual donors we reached and then exceeded our goal. The trip to Ethiopia will take place from March 28 until April 8th, and […]

2012 — A Year to Remember

Keeping up with Jessica Cox isn’t easy, and neither (as I’ve learned) is keeping a blog like this one updated. So while it may appear that not much has been going on with our production, the opposite is actually true! 2012 was a busy year for us all, and a wonderful one for Jessica. Not […]


Any long journey begins with one step. In the case of RIGHTFOOTED, we began in Pasadena in February of 2012. Looking back on that first long day of shooting — made more difficult by unusually hot Pasadena weather — I’m astonished by how much we managed to accomplish. The day began at the home of […]


The first day of shooting with Jessica took place in Pasadena, in February of 2012. It was a remarkable day for all sorts of reasons, and the beginning of what we hope will be a successful journey. As it happened, we showed up just as Jessica was helping to make breakfast — squeezing oranges by […]


ON OCCASION NICK SPARK (Director) WILL POST PRODUCTION NOTES ON THIS BLOG It’s not often in life that we get to meet someone we truly admire. That was my thought back in November of 2011, when I drove to South Pasadena to meet with Jessica Cox and her fiance, Patrick Chamberlain. I had become aware […]