The first day of shooting with Jessica took place in Pasadena, in February of 2012. It was a remarkable day for all sorts of reasons, and the beginning of what we hope will be a successful journey. As it happened, we showed up just as Jessica was helping to make breakfast — squeezing oranges by foot on an electric juicer. While it made an impression, it seemed to be the kind of thing I’d expect Jessica to be able to do. But next Jessica excused herself to put on her contact lenses, by toe. This turned out to be a remarkable feat (feet?). (Especially for me to witness, since I always hated trying to put in contacts!) Jessica accomplished it easily enough, working hard all the while to keep her feet and the lenses immaculate. I didn’t know it then but later on in the filmmaking process we’d meet the optometrist who first suggested she could wear contacts, and find out that over a decade later, he’s still using the story to inspire patients who complain about putting them on!