Remembering the incredible Inez Cox

We are so very sorry to announce that Inez Cox, Jessica’s mother, passed away on July 9. She was a faithful, strong, caring woman who devoted her life to taking care of others. Born into poverty in rural Eastern Samar, Philippines, Inez Macabare overcame all the odds and received a nursing degree. She soon immigrated to the United States — where she met Bill Cox and started a family.  When her second child Jessica arrived in this world without arms, Inez’ first instinct was to blame herself. Her second instinct was to persevere and use a form of “tough love” on Jessica, so that she would be able to endure whatever hardships her difference created. She enrolled Jessica in swim lessons, Taekwondo lessons, and dance lessons, and treated her like her brother Jason and sister Jackie. She and Bill raised Jessica to believe t

Photo courtesy Cap'n Aux

Photo courtesy Cap’n Aux

hat she could overcome any challenge and do anything an “able-bodied” person could do, and that made all the difference.

When we first started filming Right Footed Inez had been diagnosed with cancer and was undergoing chemotherapy. Her frail appearance belied an incredible inner strength and a will to be there for her children and husband. Although the doctors said it wouldn’t happen, she lived to see Jessica get married to Patrick, and then lived for four more years — long enough to see Jason and Jackie tie the knot as well. She also got to see something else come to fruition: in November of 2015 Right Footed was invited to screen at Tucson’s The Loft Film Festival. Inez attended as the guest of honor. She received a standing ovation afterwards, that was very richly deserved.