“Right Footed” Premieres — at the Vatican


We just learned that “Right Footed” will be making its international debut — in the Vatican City, Rome! Our film was selected as one of three documentary finalists in the Mirabile Dictu (“Wonderful to Relate”) Film Festival. Known as the “Catholic Oscars”, this festival typically receives more than 1,600 entries from 120 countries, so we feel absolutely blessed and humbled to make the cut.

Right now Jessica Cox is trying to figure out how she can attend the special event –– it’s on June 25th so there’s not a lot of time to plan and re-arrange her schedule. It’s also obviously very expensive to fly to Rome, but Jessica (a devout Catholic who speaks freely about her faith) has a special connection to the Holy City. In March of 2011 while making a pilgrimage there, Jessica was granted an audience with Pope Benedict XVI. She was so moved and inspired that she gave him her Guinness Book of World Records medal. So — having our debut at Mirabile Dictu — is truly something special for us all.

More information at: http://bit.ly/1Jo5wTX

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  1. semantic database
    semantic database says:

    Congratulations. You were the one that inspireded me after i met you in EL Salvador, You inspired me in my life and always pray for you and Jason.
    God covers you with blessing. I know that you are a woman of faith. A big hug now from Bahrain. But im going home soon.
    God cover always with protection, wherever you go or do.

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